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We Have Private Clubs

Manuel Lopes<br> <span class='spanClass'>CEO at Qufan Internet Technology Ltd</span>

Manuel Lopes
CEO at Qufan Internet Technology Ltd

Pokio Clubs are the perfect system to have fun with your friends while generating revenue.

Long gone are the days of bonuses that never clear or pseudo referral programs. Now you can create a Pokio Club in 2 minutes, invite your friends trough our social sharing features and play with them while earning revenue from the gameplay of all your club members. All of these using an industry leading native mobile Poker app. Redefining mobile Poker!

 Morten Antonsen<br> <span class='spanClass'>Club Owner</span>

Morten Antonsen
Club Owner

We have been running a Poker Club for a long time and have had many different agreements over the years with various companies. Within weeks of cooperating with Pokio it got very clear that this was the best decision we had ever made.

The software is giving our players the best user experience on a mobile platform we have ever seen. At the same time Pokio is providing us with both live and weekly in depth data that has been great for us for running various promotions attractive for our members. We look at the future with very exciting possibilities because of our agreement with Pokio.

Andreas Høivold<br> <span class='spanClass'>Club Owner</span>

Andreas Høivold
Club Owner

I have been running a club in Pokio since December last year. From a slow start, the traffic has been better and better until today. The software has also been improved a lot and new games have been added.

If you have a group of players, I would really consider starting a club of your own in Pokio. It is a not a walk in the park, but you will get rewarded if you put in a decent amount of hours.

For me running a club in a legal app is the most important thing. Pokio has a MGA licence and there is also several ways to deposit and withdraw money.

Cem Mauritz Altikardes<br>
<span class='spanClass'>Club Owner</span>

Cem Mauritz Altikardes
Club Owner

For me, working in the live poker community, Pokio has given me an opportunity to connect with my player base on another level through the various sessions we offer in the app in between our live events.

Pokio gives me the choice of opening up tables with game types that I know my players enjoy and on blind levels that are sustainable for various players. Attributes like run it more times, insurance, ante and live straddles makes the games even more similar to the games we offer in a live cash game session.

I truly believe that Pokio is the last piece of the puzzle my organization have been looking for.

We Are Not Only Online

Pokio cooperated with Cash Game Festival at 17/8/2019.

Our group of clubs can provide online poker games and also allow offline cash games.

Join in a club, begin a different poker tour.

Where Are We Based Now

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